Yesterday, the latest iteration of the Rogue Festival executive team had its first meeting to discuss the many and complex issues that will go into our planning for our 2021 Festival.

Every other year, Fresno State’s theatre department mounts a Shakespearean production (they also do a musical every other year) and this As You Like It is a fine example of how to keep Shakespeare in the repertory. It’s fun, elegant, and doesn’t get in its own way. The story: It’s complicated, but at its heart As […]

My last post was almost four months ago. I’ve always been an indifferent blogger, writing when I felt like it, attending plays when it pleased me and avoiding them when it didn’t. But my fallow periods tend to be sort of indistinct, for lack of a better word. But looking at the time stamp on […]

A mesmerizing plot, full of twists, turns and stunning revelations. August 16 – October 13, 2019  

My Cousin Rachel Notebook: My 10 minutes of off-the-cuff bit of publicity

This is the mood board I shared with costume designer Ginger Kay Lewis-Reed for My Cousin Rachel. We’ve pinpointed the time period as no later than 1850 (from certain clues in the book), so we’re shooting for late 1840s.  While Ginger’s design will be dictated by her budget, time, and stock, these portraits and photograph […]

Explore “Identity” with The Fools Collaborative Wednesday Night – Pop Up Theater for a Cause

July is often the hottest month for both temperatures and theater in the Valley. But what better time to sit in a darkened, air conditioned room and be entertained? Hit up a show this month – there are a lot of entertaining options to choose from! #goseeashow -Heather From Heather’s Notebook:  It appears that the Woodward […]

One of the things that I do when preparing for a new show is, little-by-little, begin to build the world in my mind. I try not to get too specific, but I do create mood boards. These are just collections of ideas and imagery to guide the designers in the direction I’m visualizing. I depend […]

Selma Arts Center presents Selma Originals, running Friday, June 28th and Saturday June 29th, at the Selma Arts Center.