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My Cousin Rachel: Costume Mood Board

This is the mood board I shared with costume designer Ginger Kay Lewis-Reed for My Cousin Rachel. We’ve pinpointed the time period as no later than 1850 (from certain clues in the book), so we’re shooting for late 1840s.  While Ginger’s design will be dictated by her budget, time, and stock, these portraits and photograph […]

My homily on creativity from Art or Evidence?: Tea Liturgy

For those who may have missed it, here’s my little piece of our show Art or Evidence?: Tea Liturgy. Our theme was on creativity and how we put together this show, one bit at a time.  But my piece turned out to be a little more about what I did when I wasn’t feeling all […]

road not taken

Choose to do the Hard Thing: A mid-morning, off-the-cuff ramble

Wherein I consider working in a “small pond” (like Fresno) or moving to the “big leagues” (like LA or NYC). Either way, the best choice is probably the harder of the two.  You choose to do the hard thing. And then you see it through. Whether you’re doing it “here” or “there”, it makes no […]