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The Challenge of Meh: audiences, enthusiasm and our choices.

There comes a time in all of our artistic work when people who have always said, “Awesome!” instead say “Awful!” – or even worse: “Meh”.

Is your work “Me Work” or “Bigger Than Me Work”?

So the question becomes: Are we taking our work beyond what we personally think/feel/ believe/experience into the realm of other people? Are we going beyond ourselves into and truly communicating and sharing with an audience?

The Critical Series: Critic, Audiences, Idiots, Genius

Can a reviewer be expected to give honest critical feedback while simultaneously cheerleading the artistic community? This question has come up on the Fresno Beehive¬†twice: the issue of the critic’s–in both cases, Donald Munro’s– poor review being taken to task for not being supportive enough of local artistic endeavors. The topic coming up once every […]