Checking in with my Dear Readers/The Void.

snowMy last post was almost four months ago. I’ve always been an indifferent blogger, writing when I felt like it, attending plays when it pleased me and avoiding them when it didn’t. But my fallow periods tend to be sort of indistinct, for lack of a better word.

But looking at the time stamp on the last post, I can tell exactly what happened. It was posted on the first day of tech week for My Cousin Rachel.  Four days later, after a long tech, on opening night I received an e-mail offering me a job I had long struggled to get, but had given up hope of actually getting.

Two weeks after that last post, I started that job at the Henry Madden Library and have been on a long and steep learning curve about libraries, to the exclusion of all else, since that time.

And my brain is tired. No, beyond tired. Tarrrred.

Any show I’ve seen in the last four months, I’ve snuck in and snuck out and written nary a word about them, mostly because I had trouble forming words about them. Definitely not because of the worthiness of the show. And there are also worthy shows I’ve skipped altogether.

But, as always, that’s a reflection on me not you, dear performer. Dear reader. Dear void of “Who is still reading this thing, anyway?”

Anyway. I’m still brain-tired, but I’m determined to keep going with it. Little by little if necessary.

So, in the spirit of it only requires little actions to create momentum, I will promise to you, Dear Reader-Void, two things:

  1. A write up of “As You Like It” at Fresno State which I plan to see next week.
  2. A New Year’s What’s My Call Time List of Shows in your inboxes.

That’s what I can promise right now. I hope it will serve. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them anywhere you think I might see them. I usually reply to the ones that aren’t trying to accuse local theater-makers of wacky conspiracies against innocents. (It’s happened more often than you might think.)

Here’s to the shifting in the seasons of life.  Now #goseeashow!



PS – the graphic I chose for this entry has nothing to do with anything. It is a stock image and quote off of Canva and I just liked it. Enjoy.


  1. Joyce Roberts · · Reply

    I look forward to your future blogging endeavors.

  2. Servetus · · Reply

    Congratulations on the job!

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