About WMCT?

The author of WMCT? is me. I’m Heather Parish. I’m the former executive director of the Rogue Festival in Fresno, Ca. and founder of  The New Ensemble Theater Group. You may also know me from my time directing at the Woodward Shakespeare Festival.  “What’s my Call Time?” is my theatrical journal filled with area theater event listings, notes about shows, musings on the creative life, and theater-making. When I’m not obsessing about theater, I’m working at Linden Publishing in Fresno or dabbling in historical costumes and events.

You can sign up for the WMCT? e-Newsletter, a monthly (mostly) missive with a list of shows you can see in the area. I focus primarily on university, community, independent and regional theater geared towards adults. Just as an FYI, I rarely list or cover high school or youth productions because there are far to many programs to list equitably.

If you’d like to send me information about your upcoming show for consideration on the blog or for listings in the What’s My Call Time Newsletter, e-mail press releases or requests for reviews to heather.parish@yahoo.com.

Anything I write here is honestly felt as a theater fan and advocate. The posts here are not paid promotional content, unless specified. Either way, I write about work I believe in.