Two-Nights Only: Selma Originals brings something new this weekend

Selma Arts Center presents Selma Originals, running Friday, June 28th and Saturday June 29th, at the Selma Arts Center.

Selma Originals brings to life five original written works for two nights only. The San Joaquin Valley is home to so many talented artists yearning to put their work out in the world, and SAC is giving them the chance to showcase their abilities as storytellers.


La Nortena – Written and Directed by Rodolfo Robles Cruz
Two cousins, one who moved to America as a child and the other grew who up in Mexico, cannot seem to understand one another’s life choices.
Starring Alexis Macedo as Character A
Cinthya Hernandez as Character B

High Plains Sisters – Written by Matt Robinson, Directed by Summer S. Session
Two sisters trying to find common ground and clear the air between them.
Starring Antonio Olivera as Bob Bronte
Jordan Hernandez as Guerra
Alyssa Benitez as Mora
James Anderson as Alvin

 Lunacy – Written by Summer S. Session, Directed by Deseree Whitt
A man struggling to take control of his mental illness and romantic relationships.
Starring Trey Jones as Robert
Quincy Maxwell as Joseph
Sean Stoll as Cam

The Upperhand – Written by Haley White, Directed by Christopher Ortiz-Belcher
Three hand models berating each other with pun-filled insults.
Starring Julia Prieto as Chandelle-Elizabeth Barbour
Quincy Maxwell as Shandy Welles
Kaderina Guizar as Handley Covington
Cyndle Cee as The Director’s Assistant

 Las Hermanas – Written and Directed by Lia Christine Dewey
Three sisters and a mother grieving the loss of their father, their identity, and their culture.
Starring Alexis Gonzalez as Kika
Julia Prieto as Fita
Jordan Hernandez as Chencha
Cinthya Hernandez as Carlota

Friday, June 28th & Saturday, June 29th
7pm Preshow Mixer
7:30pm Showtime

$5 for all ages
Online here or at the door 30 minutes before showtime.

Selma Originals is created and directed by Claudio Laso
The production is sponsored by the Selma Arts Council

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