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Planning a performing arts festival for a world we cannot predict.

Yesterday, the latest iteration of the Rogue Festival executive team had its first meeting to discuss the many and complex issues that will go into our planning for our 2021 Festival.

My Cousin Rachel Notebook: My 10 minutes of off-the-cuff bit of publicity

My Cousin Rachel Notebook: My 10 minutes of off-the-cuff bit of publicity

Local Voice Acting Opportunity – Kings River Life launches mystery podcast

The folks at Kings River Life have always had diverse interests. Owner-editor Lori Lewis Ham has always emphasized local events, arts, and fiction authors throughout her coverage. She has recently launched a new podcast called Mysteryrats Maze Podcast  where she features the opening chapters of a mystery novels, read by area actors. The first podcast features The […]

Photo Challenge for Theater-Types

A bit over a week ago, we started rehearsals for “Hedda Gabler” for The New Ensemble. It’s a great cast, scene work has been cooking along, and we’re headed into our first long rehearsal tomorrow. But I’ve been strangely social media shy on this one. Not normal for me. I’m more accustomed to sharing little […]

A&E coverage at The Bee not dead, apparently just on life support.

I did a little update in my WMCT blog about alternative coverage to The Fresno Bee. The update is on The Bee itself. Basically, you can still send them your events, but coverage will likely depend on its clickability* online.    As far as I know, Rory Appleton and Josh Tehee are still technically on the […]

Getting On without The Bee: A few outlets you can use now to pitch your Fresno-area arts events

[UPDATED! 5/11] I said I’d be back with some options for folks in the absence of The Fresno Bee, so here I am!   What I’ve included below is NOT a comprehensive list of outlets for coverage. These are just a handful of go-to’s that have worked well for us when pitching Rogue Festival or independent […]

Donald Munro’s contribution to Fresno theater is immeasurable – clicks or no clicks.

It’s almost like the last few weeks of arts news have been setting me up for Tuesday’s local shocker: That McClatchy Newspapers has gutted coverage of the arts and culture from both print and online. . . and that Donald Munro, the region’s resident arts journalist, was also out of a job. After the announcements […]

8 Ways to Share your Fave Arts Stuff on Facebook like the Hard-Core Fan You Are.

I’ve spent the better part of five years using social media to spread the word about theatrical shows and historical events. For a long time, Facebook was a boon – a quick and easy way to get the word out about a local event. Nowadays, it is still the #1 platform for personal networking and […]

Are we ignoring our audience’s experience? Go back to the beginning. . .

Today’s edition of You’ve Cott Mail (an invaluable arts marketing newsletter I love) focused on an issue I actually feel pretty passionately about: the customer experience at theaters. Now, when most theatre types discuss “giving the audience a great experience” they are talking entirely about the art. They want the play to be a great […]

Theater Reads: The Business of the Art

A few blogs and articles I found interesting this week:   all in the vein of handling artistic entrepreneurship.     To Thine Own Brand Be True Did you go into theatre because you had no head for business? Let the re-education begin. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the nearly five years I’ve […]