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Audience Development: Are you listening to your audience?

Here’s a follow up to the last post, one more radical idea: LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE. I know. We all think we do this.  But do we?  Or do some of our assumptions get in the way? Sure, it is our responsibility to LEAD our organizations.  And it is, I believe, even our responsibility to […]

Audience Development: Some Ideas to Try

This is hastily written post, mostly because I’ve been trying to lovingly craft something more concrete for weeks, but just CAN’T! So I’m just going to toss these out there as they come.  As always, feel free to comment here or on Facebook.  These are just ideas knocking around my brain.  They may not be […]

Audience Development: Essential Questions

“Essentials of Audience Development” is composed of a lot of theory, most of which is worth studying but won’t develop your audience unless you act upon it.  The first action, though, is to “understand thyself.” Without understanding your goals and your performance, you’ll just be taking a stab in the dark.  Some of the first […]