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Choose to do the Hard Thing: A mid-morning, off-the-cuff ramble

Wherein I consider working in a “small pond” (like Fresno) or moving to the “big leagues” (like LA or NYC). Either way, the best choice is probably the harder of the two.  You choose to do the hard thing. And then you see it through. Whether you’re doing it “here” or “there”, it makes no […]

Audience Development: Some Ideas to Try

This is hastily written post, mostly because I’ve been trying to lovingly craft something more concrete for weeks, but just CAN’T! So I’m just going to toss these out there as they come.  As always, feel free to comment here or on Facebook.  These are just ideas knocking around my brain.  They may not be […]

If you can’t say something nice. . .

Gentle readers, I have been taken to task.  Taken to task for not being “nice”.  Yes, indeed. . . a grave lapse of character on my part, I know, but there it is. Or is it?  No, not being “nice” is actually a revelation of my character, not a lapse thereof. “Nice” is something I […]

All I need is a little bit of ACTING!

I know that a great multitude of people will be thrilled with CenterStage Clovis’ “Hello, Dolly!”. Except me.  So, this is hardly a review.  It is really me trying to explain to myself the whys and wherefores of the thing. ******* I’ve struggled a great deal with how to frame my judgments of CenterStage Clovis […]