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Theater Reads: Julie Taymore, Israeli Shakespeare, Pro-Ams, and Criticism

 A few theater related articles around the web I found of interest this week: Julie Taymor Roars by Jacob Bernstein, The Daily Beast, May 21, 2012 The director speaks about her career, the Spiderman issues, and where she’s going. Maybe my taste is different than 80 percent of the people that go to Broadway, but […]

Spotlight’s HAMLET gets all-noir on Bakersfield– and succeeds.

As a theater practitioner, you know you’re watching someone else’s good production when you start thinking, “Yeah, I’m gonna steal that. .. “.     Not borrow.  Not “ be influenced by”. Full on STEAL. While sitting in the Sunday matinee of the Spotlight Theater’s production of HAMLET, the impulses to thieve became too many […]