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From the Archives: The Hard Way

I still hold that all three of these are true for me, although I’d qualify: They are lessons I learn over and over again

The Challenge of Meh: audiences, enthusiasm and our choices.

There comes a time in all of our artistic work when people who have always said, “Awesome!” instead say “Awful!” – or even worse: “Meh”.

From the Archives: Thoughts on a First Run-Through

Anne Bogart says that the “constant state of any company of actors is one of continual crisis”.  Just the act of performing an objective upon another being is an act of crisis.  A third party “judging” the action, is a crisis. On a first run though we have two choices:  1) To ignore any sense […]

OSF is going to translate the Shakespearean canon. Here’s what I said.

Updated: At the bottom, there are links to updated stories including OSF’s statement on the project. Overall, it sounds like they are doing this carefully and with stringent standards. “The Oregon Shakespeare Festival will announce next week that it has commissioned translations of all 39 of the Bard’s plays into modern English, with the idea […]

Grant Evan Knutson – Fresno may not have AS MUCH as SOME cities, but what Fresno does, it usually does very, very well.

In the past few months, I’ve experienced several incidents of the “Fresno Apology Moment.” It’s that moment when you’re out of town, you mention you’re from Fresno, and people give you their sympathy. Nothing pisses off an Angeleno more than when you refuse to accept their sympathy, believe me! As often as not, though, the anti-Fresno vibe […]

A Rant About Cell Phones in the Theater – but also about performing and connecting and personal weakness. . . Yeah. It’s one of those.

My friend Charles (and now my friend Jen) shared this post on my Facebook about Patti LuPone confiscating an obsessive texter’s cell phone during a show. I was reading another ditty yesterday about how actors are getting angrier at their audiences. The cell phones, texting, talking, noisy eating, and lack of respect for space has become […]

Is your work “Me Work” or “Bigger Than Me Work”?

So the question becomes: Are we taking our work beyond what we personally think/feel/ believe/experience into the realm of other people? Are we going beyond ourselves into and truly communicating and sharing with an audience?

8 Ways to Share your Fave Arts Stuff on Facebook like the Hard-Core Fan You Are.

I’ve spent the better part of five years using social media to spread the word about theatrical shows and historical events. For a long time, Facebook was a boon – a quick and easy way to get the word out about a local event. Nowadays, it is still the #1 platform for personal networking and […]

road not taken

Choose to do the Hard Thing: A mid-morning, off-the-cuff ramble

Wherein I consider working in a “small pond” (like Fresno) or moving to the “big leagues” (like LA or NYC). Either way, the best choice is probably the harder of the two.  You choose to do the hard thing. And then you see it through. Whether you’re doing it “here” or “there”, it makes no […]

Are we ignoring our audience’s experience? Go back to the beginning. . .

Today’s edition of You’ve Cott Mail (an invaluable arts marketing newsletter I love) focused on an issue I actually feel pretty passionately about: the customer experience at theaters. Now, when most theatre types discuss “giving the audience a great experience” they are talking entirely about the art. They want the play to be a great […]