Local Voice Acting Opportunity – Kings River Life launches mystery podcast

imagesThe folks at Kings River Life have always had diverse interests. Owner-editor Lori Lewis Ham has always emphasized local events, arts, and fiction authors throughout her coverage.

She has recently launched a new podcast called Mysteryrats Maze Podcast  where she features the opening chapters of a mystery novels, read by area actors. The first podcast features The Pub Crawl by Nancy Cole Silverman, read by Cyndle Cee.

MYSTERYRAT_mazepodcast_1400squareThis is a good opportunity for local actors who are looking to get more experience in voice acting or narrating audiobooks – a growing market in the book world, by the way. Narrating a few of these books could give an actor a solid start on a portfolio that could be used to pitch for other voice work in the industry.

If you’re an actor who is interested in trying the experience on for size, you can contact Lori at krlmagazine@gmail.com for information on how to audition or get involved. Auditions are ongoing.

If you’re a mystery reader interested in following the podcast, you can do so on Podbean app  or by keeping up with the Mysteryrat’s Maze posts at Kings River Life.

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