Photo Challenge for Theater-Types

A bit over a week ago, we started rehearsals for “Hedda Gabler” for The New Ensemble. It’s a great cast, scene work has been cooking along, and we’re headed into our first long rehearsal tomorrow.

But I’ve been strangely social media shy on this one. Not normal for me. I’m more accustomed to sharing little tid-bits from preparations or rehearsals from time to time via social media, but on this one . . . I go in thinking “I should post about rehearsal today,” then I come out having completely forgotten.

Photo Challenge for Theater TypesSo, in an effort to motivate myself to find a few more things to share about “Hedda in Fresno”, I created my own Photo Challenge for Theater-Types.  A list of 30 possible photos one can take during rehearsals and performance and 10 “Style Points” one can also reach for through Instagram.

And then I thought I’d share it with y’all.

I’ve never completed a full photo challenge, even at the height of my Instagram use, but I do like their ability to help you look for new ways of looking at things in your world. When people are new to Instagram, I usually recommend finding a photo challenge list to pick and choose from to get used to using the platform.

But this list is also convenient to give to casts or crew who are encouraged to share about the show and their experience around the show via social media.  Attaching a show’s hashtag (#heddafresno and #goseeashow) or website ( to the posts is helpful to direct traffic. Also, feel free to interpret the prompts however you see fit! (But, of course, don’t disrupt rehearsals and ask people for permission to post photos of them before they go online!). 

At this point, anything to help get the word out about classic plays produced in independent theater in Fresno is a bonus, right? Or even if you’re doing a mid-summer musical, have an art exhibit opening, or taking Summer Arts Courses. . . a photo challenge could help folks share their experience with the world – one photo at a time.

Here’s the full sized version of the photo challenge photo for download (in .png).

Here it is in PDF form and it is also listed below for you text folks!

Enjoy your summer theater, everyone!

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Photo Challenge for Theater-Types:
Talk about your show through pictures online.


  • See how many you can do during rehearsals and performances.
  • Use your show’s hashtag and website.
  • Get sly – don’t disrupt rehearsals to get your shot!
  • Make sure to ask permission of people in the photos before you post.
  1. Script
  2. Costume detail
  3. Props
  4. Ritual
  5. Quote from the play
  6. Actors doing actor-things
  7. Behind-the-scenes
  8. Technicals
  9. Tools
  10. Notes
  11. Vision Board
  12. Research
  13. Inspiration
  14. Fuel
  15. Ensemble
  16. Comedy
  17. Tragedy
  18. Music
  19. Dance
  20. Spectacle
  21. Speech
  22. View or Viewpoint
  23. Warm Ups
  24. Set piece
  25. Hair
  26. What you take to rehearsal
  27. Entrance or Exit
  28. Selfie
  29. Group Selfie
  30. Background


  1. Black and White
  2. No Filter
  3. Monochrome
  4. Texture
  5. Filter you never use
  6. Low Angle
  7. High Angle
  8. Light
  9. Shadow
  10. Color variety


  • Facebook – update a running photo album or post to timeline.
  • Twitter  – tweet anywhere from 1-4 photos at a time.
  • Instagram – post your best in your feed. Post up to 10 in a series, if you have a ton. Post short-term photos and videos in Instagram Stories.
  • Snapchat – Whenever someone has a tutorial on Snapchat for the olds, let me know!

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