A&E coverage at The Bee not dead, apparently just on life support.

I did a little update in my WMCT blog about alternative coverage to The Fresno Bee. The update is on The Bee itself. Basically, you can still send them your events, but coverage will likely depend on its clickability* online. 


As far as I know, Rory Appleton and Josh Tehee are still technically on the arts/entertainment beat but are also undoubtedly covering other beats, which limits the focus. And since McClatchy has stated that the metric of choice is “clicks”, getting your event covered will come down to your clickability*.


Anyway, there are still folks assigned to arts/entertainment, its just that the odds of getting coverage are weakened.


I think Tehee and Appleton have talent. I’m sure they’ll make the most of every opportunity they get in the A&E beat (catch Appleton’s piece on a couple of Downtown Movie Series), but they’re working in a pretty restrictive mode these days. They have a podcast, though, and the more creative they can get, the better.


*Footnote: when I use the term “clickability”, in my head I am thinking the word “fuckability” and it kind of feels like the same thing.


  1. Chris Peterson · · Reply

    Oh….classic Heather! Love it! 🙂

  2. Patricia Gilbert Hoffman · · Reply

    Good to know, Heather but they are not Donald

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