From the Archives: Rehearsal Notes to Myself

Archives Door_0In 2007, I was working on my first Rogue Festival show – an original play written in iambic pentameter called “All’s Red that’s Riding Hood” written by Terrance Mc Arthur. It was the winner of an original playwrighting competition at Woodward Shakespeare Festival. I had a very game and supportive cast and a very philosophical turn of mind at that time. See below!



allsred 1

Tom Nance and Alicia Buss in “All’s Red that’s Riding Hood”

Well, we’ve only got two weeks of rehearsal left for “All’s Red”.  They really are going well and the cast is working very hard to make every moment count.  I think that it will be a good solid 45 minutes in seats, but I am at the point where I may be too close to really know.

As I’ve reviewed my notes, I see that there are a number of things we’ve actually worked on and improved during the course of rehearsals.  We still have some things to work on, but it is encouraging to look back and see from where we’ve come.

Here are some items that aren’t specific notes from the show, but are rather notes to myself on creating style in theater, scribbled in the margins of my script.  

If the gesture is separated from the truth of the character’s circumstance and inner life, it produces artificial posturing.  

Style is content; a physical gesture is an emotion.  The actor must understand it and illustrate it in the truest fashion possible.  

Style is the distinctive way a production communicates.  It is “knowing the play you are in”.  

All great acting, no matter the style, begins with a truthful inner life, an incandescence and brightness.  Any style or expression must maintain a connection to inner truthfulness– even in its most mannered forms.

And, scrawled across an entire page in my notebook:

How is your art in your life?  And how is your life in your art?

A question for us all, I guess.

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