From the Archives: Thoughts on a First Run-Through

Archives Door_0Anne Bogart says that the “constant state of any company of actors is one of continual crisis”.  Just the act of performing an objective upon another being is an act of crisis.  A third party “judging” the action, is a crisis.

On a first run though we have two choices:  1) To ignore any sense of action or crisis, retreat to “reinforcing the blocking” and having little in the way of progress occur in terms of the acting, or 2) we can face the crisis– the questions, the insecurities, the lapses of memory with bravery, with clear-sightedness, and was can see what happens in the process.  WE can retreat or we can discover.  I ask you to choose the latter tonight.  Stay focused, show curiosity and generosity, and infuse as much as you are capable of at this early stage of the process.

Do not judge– just act and take action.  Let’s begin to meet this play and really get to know it better.  Have a conversation with Shakespeare and each other and see what comes to the surface.  The crisis is worthwhile.  This is not about getting it right.  Tonight is about beginning to get it alive.

Read to the cast of Richard III, July 14, 2009


From the Archives: As I'm going through some old blogs from well over five years ago, I'll post a few from time to time.

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