The Creative Mess

5838_creative-mess-better-idleness-a5-1People who find themselves creatively limited often retreat into perfectionism.  I don’t mean perfectionism in their own work- striving for excellence and doing everything they can to make their own art work well is admirable (if possibly futile).  

But when viewing others’ work, the creatively limited person has no tolerance for someone else’s creative mess.  When you find yourself not just noticing the poorly executed areas of a presentation (we all do that, we can’t help it!), but also refusing to seek out the areas that have potential, that were good ideas, or that have a rough-hewn beauty of their own, you’re probably suffering from your own creative limitations.

The cure? Concentrate on your own work, and get it done.  The more time you spend actually confronting your own creative messes, the more you’ll be able to see the worth in others’ work.  How do I know? I’ve been there; I remember.

Just a thought for your consideration today.

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