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Spring Awakening: Been there. Done that. (Now it is their turn.)

CMT @ The Underground’s production opens Friday the 29th. Spring Awakening: The buzz is strong with this one. Children’s Musical Theaterworks establishes their CMT @The Underground imprint with this rock-meets-19th-Century-Germany production of the smash musical about “young people doing young people things,” as someone over the age of 50 once said to me. In fact, […]

Best Practices of Being a Critic

For those who love to blog, status update, twitter or tumblr about shows they’ve seen, things they’ve eaten, places they’ve gone to: I loved this read from Terry Teachout, the theater critic for the Wall Street Journal.  It outlines 15 best practices for arts journalism and journalistic criticism of most varieties.  We all know I […]

Sondheim Teaches

 I believe that Sondheim will be musical theater’s Shakespeare.  In 400 years, they will still be mounting his productions everywhere, all over the world.  There will be Sondheim Festivals. There will be music and drama classes dedicated just to the Sondheim canon. There will be jokes in sci fi movies about how “Sondheim is good […]