The critical series: Advantages

Quick List: Advantages to being reviewed

1. As an artist, it gives you an outward, tangible veneer of legitimacy. I’m not talking about your intrinsic feeling as a legitimate artist, I’m talking about public perception. Being reviewed by someone unconnected with the production/producer means you’re putting your work out there for public response and not just doing it “to please yourself”. You’re no longer just a hobbyist.

2. Criticism is the checks and balances system of the artistic life. It helps prevent insulation and dictatorial control. Sure, it can be as contentious and gridlocked as a Republican dominated legislative branch with a Democratic executive branch, but we know that the system is stable in intended to keep both sides honest. (Trust me, a critic that gets too far out of line will find audience commentary breathing down his throat for change.)

3. If you don’t agree with a critic, you’ve honed a very important weapon in your arsenal to answer him: your next production.

4. Criticism helps you begin to articulate your own sense of artistic discernment– what works and what doesn’t? What can you take seriously and what do you dismiss?

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